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Beginning Yoga

Yoga basics for anyone new to yoga or students who like a more in depth class focused on beginning poses, breathing, meditation and yoga philosophy.

Continuing Yoga

Community based class where like minded individuals connect and practice yoga. It's a class where roots are established. The style is Slow Flow Vinyasa mixed with other styles. This keeps the class challenging while the continuing student learns and relearns what yoga practices work for them. It's an extension into a deeper practice.

Pose Breakdown

Learn about yoga poses in an atmosphere of discovery. Students will work on and off the mat. Poses will be broken-down into chewable bites of information, about form ,alignment ,and the use of yoga props. This class is a deeper dive into all that yoga poses are and how they bring about balance and holistic healing.... body, mind, and Spirit.

Mindfulness Meditation Pranayama

Mindfulness is the "catch" phrase in business today. What is Mindfulness? It is actually a facet of meditation. It is an approach to life that involves learning to focus your attention on the present moment experience. The longer it is practiced; the longer one stays connected to the present moment. It is a mind practice of repeated "letting go". Letting go of the past and the future. This enables a rooted connection to the one "SOURCE" and opens us to a greater sense of peace and satisfaction. Pranayama is another way to focus our attention and bring our mind/hearts to the present moment. There are oodles of articles and research stating the benefits of practicing breath control on the body, mind/emotions, and Spirit. In the class Mindfulness , Meditation, and Breath control will be explored and practiced. The class is mostly sitting and would be a great complement to any other class:)


B.K.S. Iyengar once wrote " the mind speaks the body". This is a PROACTIVE practice that aids in reducing suffering. This style of yoga incorporates the body and mind/emotional connection. Restorative Yoga is the use of props to completely support the body in certain yoga poses for longer periods of time. This facilitates healing in both the body and the mind/emotions. The Silence in Restorative Yoga allows the student the time to explore what is needed for healing and receive the ability to release tension in the body which aids in the connection between mind/emotions and Spirit. Yin Yoga is a deeper dive into connective tissues (ligaments and bones)of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Yin Yoga is NOT Restorative Yoga; both will be practiced in this class. The Restorative/Yin class space will be dark, warm and silent. Yoga Therapy and/or Adaptive Yoga would be a great complement to this class.

Yoga Motion

Vinyasa (flow) Yoga that incorporates centering and breath work followed by continuous movement from one pose to another. It will have you sweating and feeling empowered and renewed. We end every class with Savasna or Relaxation. Modifications will be given for all levels but do plan on MOVING the whole class.

Yoga Fusion

This class practices Power Yoga poses with added DYNAMIC Movements. It is a fun, flowing, movement based class experimenting with yoga postures, arm balances, inversions, mobility movement, and functional movement patterns. The class is challenging yet achievable with modifications for every “body” . This may not be the right class for Special populations including those recovering from any surgery. Please consult a doctor and/or talk to Christine before signing up for this class if you have a serious health condition.

Soul Yoga

A unique yoga class dedicated not just to the physical body but to the subconscious workings and the power of suggestion by focusing on the Tools of transformation used by the great Spiritual leaders of our time. Mother Teresa, Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Dalai Lama, Gandhi, etc. This is a Deeply Spiritual Class . Journaling, Breathing, Meditation/prayer, some chanting , Sound bathing, Use of Colors, and maybe wine 🙂 will be used.

Adaptive Yoga

Yoga Therapy is used throughout this class including props and multiple tools to enhance the yoga experience. This class is made for those who have special circumstances and need modifications and/or added props such as chairs, bolsters, staying on the floor while stretching etc. This class will be a mask up class while walking in the studio and mask off (if you choose) at your yoga mat. You may request 6 feet apart for your safety . Special Populations for this class ::: fibromyalgia , auto-immune, arthritis, EDS, surgeries, fused back, multiple Sclerosis, heart conditions, diabetes, Trauma, addiction recovery etc. Seniors are always welcome. The Mindfulness, Meditation, and Pranayama class would be a great complement to Adaptive Yoga.

"DAD" Yoga

Yoga for stressed out dads. This class is taught by a dad. It's a class just for dads to have a space to decompress while stretching.

Loud Music ; Crazy Dancing

A way to release stress and have fun while working on the 4 physical Pillars of Health . 1. Cardio 2. Strength 3. Balance 4. Flexibility Music and dance therapies are used to release toxic “buildup” in the body , mind, and emotions, while sweat is known to purify the body and release toxins. Vibration is known to remove obstacles along with clearing the pathways for future growth and transformation. CRAZY = NO THINKING (a practice of freeing your being into a total immersion itself in rhythm, beats, sounds.)

Yoga Therapy