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Teaching at PFW

I started teaching at IPFW ( now called PFW) after my yoga mentor retired in 2010. I still can remember teaching my very first college yoga class.  I was so nervous and excited and had no idea HOW I was going to do it . 

I was to share the wonderful secret world of yoga with other College students and trust ; I could relay it in a way that would plant a seed and begin a transformation within!  

Anyone who teaches has a great responsibility to convey not only knowledge but life experience in a way that is absent of ego and full of heart and service.  All great teachers allow the student to explore the world of knowledge and come to their own realization while discovering the path to enlightenment.

I am grateful that my path led me back to college:)

Yoga College Courses: 1 Credit

Yoga I; Hatha yoga postures for flexibility, toning, suppleness, stamina. Deep-complete breathing for vitality and in-depth relaxation. Introduction to basic yogic philosophy.

Cr. 1.

Yoga II; Intensive Hatha yoga postures, additional breathing techniques, extensive relaxation, and continuation of yoga philosophy.

Preparation for Course
P: HPER 19000 or Permission of Instructor

Cr. 1.
Letter grades are given in all HPER classes. Some classes are offered in eight-week sessions; check the Schedule of Classes for scheduling information. Activity classes cannot be repeated for credit.

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Yoga Text Books

Vital Yoga: A Sourcebook for Students and Teachers (Buy Now)
by Meta Chaya Hirschl

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