It’s a funny feeling, healing.

We all can do it, if we want to; we just have to decide to do it! We all want to, but how badly, that’s the question. Twenty years – is that long enough to do it? Is it five years and long forgotten dreams, until one day you wake up and say ENOUGH!

Or is it thirty years … then finally you say, I forgive myself and all of humanity for all hurts and pains, and to hell with it all … I want to live again!

Shackles off, shedding skin, I take a step towards the sand and sea, feeling the Spirit, all wind pulling me along, saying: No more … You are free!

To laugh and feel and breathe and HEAL…

You are forgiven, you just had to KNOW it and believe it and then live it!

Run, my child, free, abandon all and LIVE!