You say “relaxation,” I say “Savasana.”

New Students

If you are new to yoga, welcome. Yoga can change your life! If you are currently practicing yoga but want to learn more, you probably already know some thing of yoga’s Life – changing potential. If you are sick, it can help you feel better. If you are depressed or anxious, tired all the time, addicted to drugs, or bothered by low back pain, yoga can set you on the path to recovery. For those with chronic health problems like arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or HIV/AIDS, regular yoga practice can help you live better and, in all likelihood, longer.And for people suffering temporary symptoms – such as tension headaches, hot flashes, or sinus pressure -specific yoga pastures, breathing techniques, and other practices can bring relief.

What Does It Mean To Be A New Student?

You could be a new student if you have never done yoga before, or if you’ve only taken a few classes. A new student does not know or has very little knowledge of poses, breath practices, or other yoga techniques.

What Defines A Yoga Beginner?

A beginner has basic knowledge of:

You are a yoga beginner for the first 20 years of your yoga practice. But don’t be discouraged – this doesn’t mean it takes 20 years to learn about yoga! Being a beginner only means that you have the eyes of a child when looking at your practice and are eager to learn more.

What is a continuing practitioner?

A continuing practitioner of yoga is a beginner who is on the path to Awareness through consistent practice, in class and out in the world. A continuing practice moves you from infancy to walking.

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