In Yoga, the virtue of self-study is called svadhyaya

Self Study

A system of Self-transformation, Introspection, and study of informative texts and all Sacred Scripture.
The study of great Sacred texts of yoga or any other works that focus on a path to enlightenment and awaking consciousness.
Self study can provide you with the tools to recognize what is happening in your body and mind/emotions in your life, as well as ; your yoga practice.
Most importantly, we can study ourselves, becoming the ultimate guru of our own experience by identifying our patterns of behavior on and off the mat; Asking the hard questions about ourselves and our world.

How To Journal For Mental Health


  1. Make a list
  2. Write song or poem
  3. Draw to express how you feel, add color
  4. Add pictures from magazines, papers, your own etc.
  5. Write a story where you are main character
  6. Write without stopping for a certain amount of time
  7. Use one or two words to get started
  8. Look up how to journal for mental health


Sacred Texts

  • Veda
  • Upshandi
  • Teaching of Buddha
  • Torrah
  • Bible
  • Qur’an